11:30 resource quality: waste mgt

11:30 resource quality: waste mgt - Ch 16 336-356 Resource...

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Ch. 16, 336-356 Clean Water The succession of professional approaches— First expertise to hold sway in development of water policy—physicians for whom the problem of polluted water was solved by washing it away mid-19 th century: common method of disposing household wastes was by way of storm drain—reduce spread of cholera raw sewage dumped in areas of drinking water danger to public health o solution: chlorination, typhoid was eliminated large quantities of diluted sewage cause eutrophication/ contamination of bodies of natural surface water waste enormous quantities of water/nutrients and raise question if chlorine has harmful effects Problems of reducing quantity of nutrients and pathogens entering water systems—dealt with by the engineering profession with a huge program of sewage treatment plants. Partly solved one water pollution problem— point pollution originates from one source, has been inadequate in dealing with wider water pollution problems EPA’s Water Quality Inventory—1/3 of all surface waters do not meet water quality standards o Much water pollution arises, from non-point sources : agricultural run-off, leaking gasoline storage tanks, landfills, abandoned mines, run-off from irrigation and salted roads, seepage from septic tanks, and hazardous waste
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11:30 resource quality: waste mgt - Ch 16 336-356 Resource...

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