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I. Backlash, 1980--> present A. manifestations B. causes: perspectives Back lash not set off my womens achievment in equality but fear women might actually have same equality Swelling of back lash before 1980--orgs formed for feminist rights in 70s Rosen, World Split open-- economic/social/political evidence for backlash Pres reagan- removed support systems for poor women; a media/political humanization as poor women as lazy-- welfare queens. Ricky solanger itemizes attack on poor in general, poor women in partic-- 1980 2mill female headed families. Food stamps, tax cuts, progs/edu for unemployed Social security covered health care needs Feminization of poverty-- divorce Social/cultural evidence- media-- feminists labled as man haiting natzis, career oriented, sexually unconventional Military all male-- guaranteed employment Reality of unequal choice makes both pro choice and pro life-- women who want
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Unformatted text preview: to have children and are poor cannot afford it-- housing, contraceptives, job. Poor who don’t want children cannot afford aboriton. Women feel like they have no choice-- children put in foster care against their will. • Betty ford • Those who were wealthy- protect wealth, power • Feminist agenda- tax subsidize, paid maternity leaves, equal access to healthcare repro choice, state subsitdies for womens shelters/centers-- how can u fund this? All entail more taxation on wealthy, reduced military budget, • Loss jobs due to outsourcing, blue collar worlds • Feminist agenda threatening- careers, busy to not stay at home, do not necessarily need children; threatens economic stability of country • ERA movement- broke fede • Quill96 Story Group Class...
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