feb2 cont'd - 2/4 2/2 notes contd. (race, racism, & womens...

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2/4 I. “First Wave” Feminism (1910-1920‘s) A. Definitions: nature of “First Wave” - Heterodoxy Club B. Origins/ context Virginia did not ratify 19 th amendment until 1952; not part of ¾ states that ratified it 1909- equal suffrage league of Virginia formed under NAWSA campaign for womens suffrage 1912- association opposed women’s suffrage 1902 poor black men discriminated from rights to vote Social order based on male supremacy-- how do u effectively campaign for women’s rights? What do you say? If they argue human rights, all beings have natural right to citizenship/respect Ways of limiting black women voting- tax policies… Solutions for black community: Secure right by exercising common sense, expediency for Advocates neglect race issue Role of black women in struggle- damned if they speak out in favor/if they don’t. do- against white supremacy, do- negative, do not care. V. legislature/ state did not ratify black women’s right to vote/ citizenship White women claim to not be racist-- but did not take action. Majority were racist but the ones who claimed to not be racist in their minds never publicly advocated for racial equality-- ultimately
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feb2 cont'd - 2/4 2/2 notes contd. (race, racism, & womens...

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