Womens Studies Final Guide

Womens Studies Final Guide - Vocab(section 2 Ecological...

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Vocab (section 2) Ecological Footprint - The amount of land and energy required by various llifestyles and levels of consumption; calculated by estimating the amount of productive land needed to provide food, housing, transport, and consumer goods and services, and to absorb the waste that results from these processes; expressed in hectares or acres. Maquiladoras - a factory that imports materials and equipment on a duty-free and tariff- free basis for assembly or manufacturing and then re-exports the assembled product. The Mexican women in the video worked in these, awful conditions, low pay, and stressful hours were the norm. Equal Pay - the concept that individuals doing the same work should receive the same remuneration regardless of their sex , race , sexuality , nationality or anything else. It is most commonly used in a context of sexual discrimination, as equal pay for women . Consumption - T he utilization of goods to satisfy needs, or in manufacturing. Opposite of production. Emotional Labor- Emotional labor applies to both men’s and women’s work, but is the ‘softer’ emotions, those required in relational tasks, such as caring and nurturing, that disappear most
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Womens Studies Final Guide - Vocab(section 2 Ecological...

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