AntiPoliticsMachine - ← Grazing cycle ← Anti-politics...

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Anti-politics Machine Discussion 14/10/2011 08:35:00 The absence of knowledge Cultural Willful / un-willful ignorance Were they really ignorant Or did they just stick to not including things they couldn’t do anything  about BANKS JOB to produce a report and start implementation o Spend money o Emphasize in report things that you can do Implementation concerns Whose doing the implementing Re the decision makers and people doing it the right people Relation of Politics to Development Developers ignore political climate because it could contradict their  aims o But my question is, if you have a real concern that this will hurt /  hinder your project. Why even go forth. Why waist the money?  What do they actually believe? Effects of Development Consequences, intended and unintended Theba Seka Project pitched as agricultural project Large focus on livestock
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Unformatted text preview: ← Grazing cycle ← Anti-politics Machine Discussion 14/10/2011 08:35:00 ← Ignorance ← ← McNamera decided that the world bank should focus on big infrastructure projects instead of / as a way to tackle poverty alleviation ← ← Maybe governance and politics is in fact the main issue ← sometimes this can leave you with a sense that a state/country/ region can’t be helped ← ← So where CAN you get good cultural knowledge ← ← CONCLUSIONS // RECOMMENDAIONS One of the outcomes of his ad any development projects is to enlarge the release of the voice of the people being helped ← FIGHT OVER VEHICLES that come with development • This is always an issue ← ← The proliferation of NGOs that we have today didn’t exist then… What does the advent of ngo proliferation, more players, mean?...
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AntiPoliticsMachine - ← Grazing cycle ← Anti-politics...

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