FAIA5NGOs - 08:39:00 PeaceCore(notanNGO, ToserveandhelpA

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Non-governmental Organizations 14/10/2011 08:39:00 Peace Core (not an NGO, funded by the government)  To further understanding of the US Promote friendship and good relations Expose young Americans to other cultures Encourage career in international work and service To serve and help African Communities to develop Questions Are NGOs doing the work that the government should be doing? That they government funding should be covering? Are they trying to substitute for the competency that these countries  themselves should be handling? Where do all of these little projects come from? What happened? Cooper   the developmental state was an idea that the African States  about to get their independence should take the lead/. They could  inherit some of the institutions that the colonials left but to also take  funding and develop their own
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FAIA5NGOs - 08:39:00 PeaceCore(notanNGO, ToserveandhelpA

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