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Final Exam Study Guide 2 hours The final exam will consist of two parts: 10 identification questions and nine short essay questions. The ID questions are worth a total of 10 points and the short essay questions are worth a total of 90 points for a grand total of 100 points. The identification questions will be in a reverse Jeopardy format. In other words, I'll ask a question and you provide the answer (e.g., Who is the mayor of Philadelphia? John Street). You will require knowledge of these names, works, and concepts for answering the short answer questions as well. Istvan Szabo Istvan Szabo was the director of the film adaptation of Klaus Mann’s Mephisto. Gustav Gruendgens In real life, he was an ex-brother-in-law to Klaus Mann. He serves as the basis for Hendrik Höfgen, given that he goes through essentially the same issues of loyalty and selling out. Joseph Goebbels : He was the German propaganda minister who coined the term total war. He was responsible for the forced cooperation that the Nazis would draw their national strength form. Hermann Goering was the Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe, President of the Reichstag, Prime Minister of Prussia, etc. He appears and contrasts with Goebbels due to his hero status and opulent lifestyle. He is represented by the Prime Minister in the movie. Marlene Dietrich The basis for Dora Martin in the movie. She was the actress who moved to America, learning to change in light of things happening in Germany. roman a clef story with a key. This refers to how everything in Mephisto translates to actual people Klaus Mann
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knew. Mann’s novel was a roman a clef, meaning a thinly veiled fiction about real people and real events. The real person in reference is Gustav G. Klaus Mann Heinrich Mann was the father of Klaus Mann, also a gay writer. Klaus has turmoil with him. Kristallnacht (Night of the Broken Glass) The beginning of the issues against Jews in Germany. A murder in France (young German Jew kills a Nazi German official) prompts a nationwide program against Jews, leading to the consequences here. The point was to remove the physical basis for Jews to live in Germany. 96 Jews killed, many moved. November 9, 1939 Refers to shards of glass, especially storefront windows owned by Jews. Also synagogues, peoples homes, etc. The German courts found that the Jews were responsible for those damages burning of the Reichstag Burning of the Reichstag: beginning of the rise of the Nazis, as a sign of the abolition of the old freer government. A state of emergency was declared, and democracy was thrown out. Weimar Republic he name for the government in power before the rise of the Nazi, known for his horrible inflation and its celebration/encouragement of the arts inflation See above Treaty of Versailles was the treaty that ended WWI. It weakened Germany in many ways, and eventually led to the rise of Nazi influence in a country that was scattered and severely down. Bertolt Brecht
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Final Exam Study Guide - Final Exam Study Guide 2 hours The...

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