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ForeignAidInAfrica3 - 08:34:00 Development:Commongoals...

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Colonial Economies Continued HIST 372 Foreign Aid in Africa                                       14/10/2011 08:34:00 Exports were the foundation of colonial economic growth Development: Common goals How do you make an African district/province/country more productive To improve the quality of life The colonial budgets were not always big enough People invested in enclaves where there were prospects for profit Railroads built to the export enclaves of the country That was the purpose of developing these zones Enterprise zones Healthy workers and Healthy exports Cooper Labor migration o People moved to areas served by the colonial infrastructure o One way that colonialism reorganized African economy o Colonialism created new “countries” “boxes” “boundaries” in  which people moved into 1. Framework 2. Institutional Structure i. The colonial state did the planning ii. Tried to lure experts, but they were the main vehicle  of development iii.
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