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Intl Law Economics and Development

Intl Law Economics and Development - impact on America’s...

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International Law of Economics and Development 14/10/2011 10:20:00 Nation building = state building Law and Development Development meaning Progress of Nations Modernization The Rule of Law o Is it present, it’s a necessity o It gives a sense of security and hope o Without it, the element of uncertainty prevents one  from planning for the future o Ex// little respect for the rule of law in Russia o Risk Analysis Perceived by investors as a big risk / no one  therefore plans to stay long term o In too many countries, the rule of law is just something  on the books American Law o Tax laws o Criminal law o Laws of contract o Real estate law o Family law o Bill of Rights o Constitution o Healthcare Law 60% public bankruptcy is on healthcare bills o … basically you can take any division of American law  and see how it benefits the society o … the 
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Unformatted text preview: impact on America’s progress o … people in the c=society work hard because they know what they earn will be theirs, they will be secure . International Law of Economics and Development 14/10/2011 10:20:00 o Promote change and progress Can look at it I. National Law i. When you look at one county as we did above (and see how it relates to social change and progress) II. Comparative Law i. Ex// Health care comparison of US legal system and British (England) legal system ii. Thinking is comparing III. International Law of Development (a field of its own) i. Branches 1. Human Rights (give human dignity) 2. Int’l Trade Law (an engine of growth) 3. Arbitration Laws (settlement of disputes) 4. Use of Force 5. Maritime Law o Often see as being controlled by the Western countries...
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Intl Law Economics and Development - impact on America’s...

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