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midterm review2 - 1 Jason leader of the Argonauts who with...

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1. Jason leader of the Argonauts, who, with the help of Medea, got the Golden Fleece. 2. Medea sorceress who helped Jason get the Golden Fleece. 3. Homer author of the Iliad and the Odyssey , the two major epics that have survived from Greek antiquity. 4. Virgil Roman poet, author of the masterpiece the Aeneid, the most influential work of literature produced in ancient Rome. 5. Apollonius Greek poet, born in Alexandria , Egypt. Unlike his teacher, Callimachus , who favored the short poem in the artificial and learned style, Apollonius cultivated epic poetry in the grand style of Homer . Apollonius's most important and only extant work is the epic poem Argonautica. The narrative framework of the poem is provided by the mythological story of Jason and the Argonauts , who sailed in quest of the Golden Fleece . In Apollonius's account, Jason obtained the fleece by the magical aid of the young princess Medea , who had fallen in love with him and had agreed to help him in return for the promise of marriage. She even murdered her brother to help Jason escape. Later, despite his promise to marry her, Jason abandoned Medea. 6. Echo in Greek mythology, a mountain nymph. The supreme god, Zeus, persuaded her to distract his wife, Hera, with incessant talk, so that Hera could not spy on him. In anger, Hera robbed Echo of the full power of speech, leaving her only the capacity to repeat the final syllable of every word she heard. An unrequited love for the beautiful Narcissus , who loved only his own reflected image, caused Echo to pine away until only her voice remained. 7. Narcissus in Greek mythology, a handsome youth, the son of the river god Cephissus. Because of his great beauty many women fell in love with Narcissus, but he repulsed their advances. Among the lovelorn maidens was the nymph Echo, who had incurred the displeasure of Hera and had been condemned by the goddess never to speak again except to repeat what, was said to her. Echo was therefore unable to tell Narcissus of her love, but
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midterm review2 - 1 Jason leader of the Argonauts who with...

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