Becoming a Marijuana User

Becoming a Marijuana User - Negative cases • By smoking...

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Becoming a Marijuana User H. Becker (1953) Learn to smoke for pleasure How does a person use marijuana for pleasure = research question Predisposition = problem Definition of a situation or an object: a function of our psyche Definition of a situation or an object determined by our interaction with others The motivation to engage in the activity is built up in the course of learning process” “Predisposition Theories” cannot explain Why some users don’t have the psychological traits considered to cause the behavior Variability of a subject’s behavior Stages in developing meaning of use of marijuana for pleasure Learn to smoke the drug so it will have an effect Learning to recognize the effects and connect them to drug use Stage One Learning to have an effect Other people showing how it has to be smoked Imitating other people Particularly in a group or with someone Stage Two Learning to recognize effects
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Unformatted text preview: Negative cases • By smoking and drinking mixed together some users do not recognize effects • Interruption – people who stopped smoking • Effects were not recognizable Stage Three • Learning to enjoy the perceived sensations • Others reassure the temporary character of unpleasant sensations • Ex. Eating oysters or drinking martinis • Others emphasize what they find as enjoyable sensations • Negative case of discontinued use sensations are redefined as pleasurable Discontinued Use • Can be caused by lost contact with other users • When sensations are redefined as not being pleasurable anymore but if redefined as pleasurable they will resume use. Conclusion • Evaluations of situations, attitudes, and sensations: product of interaction • Behavior studied in terms of changes in meaning and concepts • Making some acts possible while excluding others....
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