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Durkheim - Critical Theory • Functionalism relations of...

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Durkheim, ”The functions of crime” Crime in every society: has a function Function: reinforces the norm Creates a social bond Deviances and Norms Deviant behavior Positive and negative sanctions Formal and informal sanctions Deviant = not normal Sanction = a reaction of others to a person or group to make sure they comply with social norms; reaction Positive and negative sanctions can be formal and informal
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Unformatted text preview: Critical Theory • Functionalism: relations of power? • Norms and inequalities • Separation, one group being dominant • Norms and social control Heteronormality- the normal way of being is living as a heterosexual Norms and Social Control • How one group becomes more dominant over another • Ex. Prison and school • Making sure we comply with certain rules...
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