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Ervin Goffman

Ervin Goffman - • Situations • Context dependent on how...

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Ervin Goffman “The Mortified Self” Part of the second Chicago school Trained in sociology and anthropology Influenced by work of Durkheim Major influence on theory of symbolic interaction 1800s-1900s Durkheim = collective level and society as a whole Goffman = looked at the individual self Goffman’s Key Concepts Dramaturgy Roles/stages/performances Situations and their men ( like theater) Believed society worked against homeostasis The self and self presentation Institutional arrangements constitute the self
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Unformatted text preview: • Situations • Context dependent on how people act • Ex. You’re not born a woman/man you learn to act as one • The self is something you learn construct on your own • Situations and their men • You put people in situations and they accordingly • It creates us/we’re plugged into the situations. Mortify • To cause or to experience shame, humiliation, or wound pride. • To discipline one’s body and physical appetites by denial or self-inflicted privation...
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