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Gender Relationships and Based Inequality

Gender Relationships and Based Inequality - Life course...

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Gender Relationships and Based Inequality Difference between sex and gender Sex: ascribed status, biological Gender: Achieved status, “socially constructed” Essentialism/constructivism Social Questions on Gender Why it it that societies differentiate on the basis of gender Sociological Question: How is gender socially constructed? Why is it that most societies are based on male domination? Sociological Question: How do gender differences create or reinforce inequalities? (Hierarchies) “Holy Trinity” Systems of Classifications in Society Gender Race Class Gender Differentiation and Gender Based Inequalities Culture variation Historical Variation
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Unformatted text preview: Life course variation • Variation by ethnicity and class Culture Gender Differences • “Anthropological perspective” and social norms • Westerns and non-western • Within western societies Life course Variation • Meaning of femininity and masculinity changes during the life course • Men/women and boys/girls • “my life in pink Variation by Ethnicity and Class • Gender combines with ethnicity and class • Socialization, but especially institutionally • Interlocking • Genders are not constant, universal, and common to all • Masculinities and femininities • Dominant definitions or “right man” and “right woman”...
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