Imposed upon the individual

Imposed upon the individual - Ex. Going into an elevator...

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Imposed upon the individual Social Facts The main goal of sociology is social facts Social facts can be external and coercive Social Facts: External Exist outside individual consciousness Not created by an isolated individual Created and recreated by interactions Pre-existent to each individual by following rules Social Facts: Coercive Imposed upon us Coerce- compel by force; impose on someone We feel their pressure when we oppose them Coercion is not always felt We feel that they are natural until we go against them
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Unformatted text preview: Ex. Going into an elevator and turning in the opposite direction, not looking at the numbers/people giving you dirty looks. The norms are all around us We dont feel the norms and just follow them without thinking Ex. We dont feel the weight of earth, but it still has a weight. Ex. The fish cant see the water or feel it, but its there Durkheim focused on rules and norms and believed that social facts are general....
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