Racial and Ethnic Relations

Racial and Ethnic Relations - Institutional Racism •...

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Racial and Ethnic Relations Prejudice Discrimination Racism Prejudice: attitudes and ideas Discrimination: practices and behavior Racism: prejudice, discrimination and institution reproducing system of inequalities based on ethnic differences Types of Racism “old-fashioned” or Jim crow racism (between 1876-1965) Color blind racism Institutional racism Old Fashioned Jim Crow Racism Segregation of African Americans and whites Reinforced by violence Color Blind Racism Acknowledges races but downplays race based hierarchies and inequalities
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Unformatted text preview: Institutional Racism • Inequalities created by society’s existing institutions Institution Racism: Historical Legacies • 1600-1700s genocide and slaver • 1861-1865 civil war (emancipation in 1863) • 1850-1880 1 st immigration wave (Northern Europeans) • 1890-1914 2 nd immigration wave (Southern and Eastern Europeans) • 1876-1965 Jim Crow Era • 1924 National Origins Quota Act: immigrants coming into the US could only enter in proportion to the national and ethnic layout of the country...
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