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Research Methods Surveys Secondary analysis Archival research Experiments Focus groups Participant observation Ethnography Surveys:Data Collection Population (the people you want to study) Sample Representative sample – the people you are surveying should represent the general population Questions: Structured and Open ended Structured: Ex. How do you like class: A)I like it B)I love it C) I hate it Open Ended: harder to process and allows those being surveyed to express themselves clearly Structured questions must provide and cover all possible responses.
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Unformatted text preview: • Certain mistakes can misrepresent the population Survey Questions: • Depending on how you word it, people will answer differently • Ex. Social Problem by religion. Independent variable: Religion/gender. Dependent: Social Problem Cause and Effect • Correlation does not equal causation • Some variables correlate but they are not causing the change • Use triangulation • Use more than one survey/method to obtain information...
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