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Sociology Three Blended Perspectives

Sociology Three Blended Perspectives - about our own...

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Sociology Three Blended Perspectives 1. Historical: Organizations and institutions that we take for granted are relatively recent. Modernity and capitalism. French revolution and Industrial revolution. The problems of sociology happened in the past two centuries. Main economic system rules our life = capitalism. 2. Anthropological Perspective: Ethnocentrism: “take the standpoint of one’s own society or culture as a measure to judge all others.” Observing other cultures and societies: learn
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Unformatted text preview: about our own culture and society. Observing helps us to learn and see that it is not the only way to do something. 3. Critical Perspective: Formed by the other two. Ask questions about things (institutions and behaviors) we take for granted. Giddens says sociology is subversive. Subversive = questioning why things are the way they are. Things can be different. Anything can be an institution Ex. Financial markets, education system, the family, the stock market, factories, and a nation....
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