The Rules of Sociological Method

The Rules of Sociological Method - • The whole is greater...

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The Rules of Sociological Method (1895) Arguing with British social thinkers Adam Smith, David Ricardo, and Herbert Spencer. Adam Smith = wealth of Nations. Invisible hand. Believed that if we all followed our individual interests, in the end, society will be better as a whole. David Ricardo = specified the details of economic philosophy Essential Question:” where is value created?” Marx said value comes from labor and work put into it. Said value and price are not the same thing Society is not the “sum” of all individual behaviors
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Unformatted text preview: • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts Methodological individualism- having behaviors but adapting them to create sociology as a whole. Auguste Comte • Created the term sociology • Writing after the French revolution • Said systems of sociology were ruled by religion • Present day it is ruled by secular thought A.K.A science • Wanted to create a science of society and positive science • Science that is not based on fact, opinion,or subjectivity. • Different from psychology and biology....
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