Three Subtopics on Racial and Ethnic relations

Three Subtopics on Racial and Ethnic relations - • Hughes...

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Three Subtopics on Racial and Ethnic relations Basic definitions and concepts Race,class,and gender Institutional racism Latino = Ethnicity = History Race = Born = How other people see you Sociological Perspective on “Race” Race and Ethnicity are constructed “Races” do not exist Can we abandon the idea of “race”? Race and Ethnicity are constructed Races are based on beliefs not biology There is as much “intra-racial” as “inter-racial” biological variation Problem: linking physical traits with behavior Ethnic groups: defined by interactions and beliefs ( E. Hughes)
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Unformatted text preview: • Hughes argues against using ethnic groups as a group distinguishable from others by certain cultural traits • Hughes: differences result from definitions made by people in a network of group relations • E.Hughes: An Ethnic group is one because both the ins and outs talk, feel, and act as if it were a separate group • Differences in culture and history are important • Can we abandon Race? • People use “races” to classify others and adapt their behavior to racial categories • “Paradox of affirmative action”...
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