What is Sociolog1 - • Durkheim civil society social differentiation – concision(how societies can live together as one Durkheim • Founder of

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What is Sociology? Durkheim (1895) “What makes sociology different?” From the rules of sociological method Social facts are external and coercive Founding Fathers of Sociology Marx ( Europe) Private Sector Weber (Germany) Public Sector Durkheim ( France) Third Sector Marx: Economy capitalism – conflict between classes (workers and bourgeoisie) Weber: state ,modernization – Power and Domination (elite and subordinate)
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Unformatted text preview: • Durkheim: civil society, social differentiation – concision (how societies can live together as one) Durkheim • Founder of sociology as discipline ideas and institutions • In us sociology: Structural Functionalism • Society has no social norms • Related to deviance • Analyzed religions to find building blocks of society...
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