Classification of solutes

Classification of solutes - • Classification of solutes...

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Classification of solutes strong electrolytes - conduct electricity extremely well in dilute aqueous solutions Examples of strong electrolytes 1. HCl, HNO 3 , etc. strong soluble acids 2. NaOH, KOH, etc. strong soluble bases 3. NaCl, KBr, etc. soluble ionic salts ionize in water essentially 100%
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Unformatted text preview: • Classification of solutes – weak electrolytes - conduct electricity poorly in dilute aqueous solutions 1. CH 3 COOH, (COOH) 2 • weak acids 2. NH 3 , Fe(OH) 3 • weak bases 3. some soluble covalent salts • ionize in water much less than 100%...
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