Naming Some Inorganic Compounds

Naming Some Inorganic Compounds - Compounds are usually...

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Naming Some Inorganic Compounds Compound Old System Modern System FeBr 2 ferrous bromide iron(II) bromide FeBr 3 ferric bromide iron(III) bromide SnO stannous oxidetin(II) oxide SnO 2 stannic oxide tin(IV) oxide TiCl 2 titanous chloride titanium(II) chloride TiCl 3 titanic chloride titanium(III) chloride KOH potassium hydroxide Ba(OH) 2 barium hydroxide Al(OH) 3 aluminum hydroxide Fe(OH) 2 iron (II) hydroxide Fe(OH) 3 iron (III) hydroxide Ba(CN) 2 barium cyanide (NH 4 ) 2 S ammonium sulfide Binary Acids are binary compounds consisting of hydrogen and a nonmetal.
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Unformatted text preview: Compounds are usually gases at room temperature and pressure. Nomenclature for the gaseous compounds is hydrogen (stem)ide . When the compounds are dissolved in water they form acidic solutions. Nomenclature for the acidic solutions is hydro (stem)ic acid . • Formula Name Aqueous Solution • HF hydrogen fluoride hydrofluoric acid • HCl hydrogen chloride hydrochloric acid • HBr hydrogen bromide hydrobromic acid...
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