Strong and Weak Acids

Strong and Weak Acids - • Acid Anion Name 1 HCl...

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Strong and Weak Acids Acids are substances that generate H + in aqueous solutions. Strong acids ionize 100% in water. Some Strong Acids and Their Anions Formula Name HCl hydrochloric acid HBr hydrobromic acid HI hydroiodic acid HNO 3 nitric acid H 2 SO 4 sulfuric acid HClO 3 chloric acid HClO 4 perchloric acid Some Strong Acids and Their Anions
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Unformatted text preview: • Acid Anion Name 1. HCl Cl-chloride ion 2. HBr Br-bromide ion 3. HI I-iodide ion 4. HNO 3 NO 3-nitrate ion 5. H 2 SO 4 SO 4 2-sulfate ion 6. HClO 3 ClO 3-chlorate ion 7. HClO 4 ClO 4-perchlorate ion Weak acids ionize significantly less than 100% in water. • Typically ionize 10% or less!...
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