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camp_su2006 - Atkinson WritingPrograms Summer 2006 Dear...

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Information for you and your students Dear Colleagues: The pleasure we take in our teaching often dissipates when we are faced with grading essays and other assignments, especially when students’ ability to express their ideas in writing isn’t up to the task of expressing what they know and want to say. Atkinson Writing Programs exists to help both you and your students with the challenge of written expression. We work with students in all programs and at every level. Our brochure will give you a sense of the range of our instructional support. We encourage you to suggest our writing courses. WRIT 1400 6.0, Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing is especially helpful to students who have been away from academic work for a long time, and who need to concentrate on improving their academic skills. It counts as an elective credit. WRIT 3988 3.0 Effective Writing and Research is designed for students further on in their programs, or who enter with considerable college background, and who need introduction to writing academic research papers.
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