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Chris Winter outline 2006 section N - York University...

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York University Atkinson Faculty School of Administrative Studies COURSE: ADMS 3541 N Personal Financial Planning Winter 2006 DATE and TIME: Thursday, 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. January 5 – March 29 incl. LOCATION: HNES 031 INSTRUCTOR: Chris Robinson Email: [email protected] WEBSITE TEXT BOOK: Kwok Ho and Chris Robinson, Personal Financial Planning, Fourth Edition, Captus Press, 2005. (HR) Students will be expected to read The Globe and Mail Report on Business or The National Post on a regular basis in order to discuss current events as they pertain to personal finances. COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is a general introduction to personal financial planning. The lectures and discussions are built around the following key topics: 1. Financial objectives and the family life cycle 2. Mathematics of personal finance 3. Managing cash flow 4. Controlling credit and debt 5. Investing and mutual fund management 6. Utilizing employment benefits 7. Taxes 8. Buying a home 9. Risk management and insurance 10. Retirement planning – basic introduction COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. To learn how to think in financial terms 2. To understand the financial planning process 3. To be able to prepare a basic analysis of a financial plan and provide useful advice.
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GRADING SCHEME: Class Participation 10% Mid-term Exam 20% Group Assignments (2) 20% Final Exam 50% NOTES: 1. GROUP ASSIGNMENTS Students will be divided into groups of three to discuss the course materials outside the class and to work on two group assignments. Assignments must be submitted on the due dates at the beginning of class. Faxed, Emailed or late assignments will not be accepted under any circumstances, unless a valid medical reason is provided. Each student is responsible for the group, and each student should attempt the entire assignment alone before collaborating to prepare the group submission 2. ASSIGNMENTS. When completing assignments please observe the following guidelines:
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Chris Winter outline 2006 section N - York University...

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