human sexuality review test #4

human sexuality review test #4 - Ch. 14 Variations in...

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Unformatted text preview: Ch. 14 Variations in sexual behavior Sex varies between cultures as does abnormal sex. Abnormal behavior defined in 4 ways: 1. Statistical behavior is rare, very few people engage in behavior 2. Sociological depends on society that you're in. 3. Psychological according to buss there are 3 criteria:- 1. brings discomfort to person doing it. Psychologically, emotionally, and physically.- 2. Inefficiency. Causes life to have negative consequences. - 3. Bizarreness. Culturally defined. Is it acceptable or not? 4. Medical uses DSM-IV and cites 8 paraphilias a. Fetishism b. Transvestic fetishism c. Sexual Sadism d. Sexual Masochism e. Voyeurism f. Frotteurism g. Exhibitionism h. Pedophilia Paraphilia: recurring, unconventional sexual behavior that is obsessive and compulsive. - obsession = thought- compulsion= action Paraphilias involve one of the following: 1. Non-human objects includes transvestite 2. Suffering of oneself or partner. Sadistic/ masochistic 3. Children Pedophilia 4. Other non-consenting persons include the last three- voyeurism, exhibitionism, fritteurism. Also these disorders must have: occurred over a 6 month period. And have caused: significant distress or impairment in social, work, or other important areas of life. Continuum of Normal Abnormal Behavior:- Not two separate categories but two ends of a spectrum.- So what may be normal sexual behavior may become a fetish in order to become sexually aroused. Fetishism: These are sexual fantasies, urges, or behaviors which use non-living objects to produce or enhance sexual arousal with or without a partner. - Usually develops: early in life. One study said the average age is 12 years of age when it developed. 1. Media Fetish: Source of arousal is: material. Ex, Leather. - Can be divided in to two groups Hard and Soft.- Hard leather or rubber- Soft fur, feathers, silk 2. Form Fetish important part is shape of object.- ex. Shoe. High heel. Lingerie. How fetishes develop? 3 Theories 1. Learning Theories- classical conditioning forms associations- object>sexual arousal>orgasm- Ex. Shoe 2. Cognitive Theory- Distortion in thinking = fetish- How? Begin to see objects as erotic even when it is not meant to be. - Cognitive distortion = see stimulus as erotic- arousal distortion = mislabel bad/guilt as arousal - If aroused, then act on it, and cycle starts over. 3. Sexual Addiction Theory- A. person has a pathological relationship (not healthy) to a sexual event or process.- B. The common aspect is denial and distortion of reality- C. The addiction leads to self-destructive behaviors.- D. Person has lost lost control over behavior. Sexual addiction is played out in a 4 step process....
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human sexuality review test #4 - Ch. 14 Variations in...

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