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AIS 100 - INTRODUCTORY FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Syllabus and Instructions Spring 2007 Section Number: _________________________ Classroom: ____________________ Instructor: ______________________________ Time & Days: __________________ Office Hours: ____________________________ Email: _________________________ Class Website: The website can be accessed at the above address and by using your NetID to login. Once you login you will have access to the main AIS100 website as well as a website that is tailored for your specific lecture by your TA. Please check both websites frequently for announcements and updates to scheduling. COURSE ADMINISTRATION Faculty Coordinator: Ph.D. Coordinator: Sean Andre Paul Michas Office: Grainger 1238 Office: Grainger 1238-J Telephone: 265-4830 Telephone: 265-4830 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] You can also communicate online with Sean Andre, the Faculty Coordinator for the class. Here you can ask him questions and participate in online discussions that he will respond to. This is accessed by going to the main class website ( and clicking on Forums in the Activities box located on the left hand side of the page. His thread is accessed by clicking on Questions/Discussion with Sean Andre, Faculty Coordinator. Please note this is on the main class website, not the website for your individual lecture. OBJECTIVES This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of financial accounting, including introductory accounting theory, concepts, principles and procedures. Specific attention will be devoted to the preparation and understanding of the four financial statements. NOTE: In order to perform well in this class, extensive preparation is required prior to each class meeting . In addition, over the course of the semester, every attempt will be made to follow the daily schedule listed in the syllabus. However, depending on overall class progress, the syllabus may be adjusted. Any departures from the syllabus will be announced in class. TEXT The required text is Kimmel, Weygandt & Kieso’s Financial Accounting – Tools for Business Decision Making Bring your text to each class session. The Student Workbook shrink-wrapped with the text includes study objectives, a chapter review, exercises, solutions to the exercises, etc. This is an excellent resource when preparing for exams. The CD-ROM with accounting cycle tutorial is also a useful supplement but is not required for the course. Additional student resources (check figures) are available at web site . INSTRUCTOR’S OFFICE HOURS Page 1 syllabus 10/10/11
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During office hours, students may check homework solutions, ask questions, and discuss any other aspect of the course with the instructor. Please take advantage of this resource . If these hours conflict with your schedule, arrange to meet with the instructor at a time that is more convenient for both of you. ATTENDANCE AND CLASS PARTICIPATION
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