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Accounting staff meeting 5 - Aaron New ACC 111 (30953)...

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Aaron New ACC 111 (30953) – Staff meeting 5 Prof. Jessica Jones Dec. 1, 2009 The Importance of Accountants in Payroll Activities Any business that has a staff of employees relies on accurate payroll accounting in order to ensure the proper imbursement of the employees as well as the monitoring of expenditures that a business covers month in and month out. A willy-nilly approach just wont do when staff is waiting for their pay at the end of a work week, nor will it sufficiently answer the auditors questions when they call the account executive in for a look at the books. This is what accountants do for a living. It is their daily fare, and as such it is a natural inclination to need and to seek the counsel of experienced and reputable accountants when handling payroll questions. In fact, this is the most practical and sensible step a business can take, regardless of the scope of their venture. Even the smallest of businesses that maintain a temporary staff of two will have payroll issues that must be addressed each and every week. The payroll may be small, but the possible liabilities will not be if the government finds any mistakes on the tax returns at years end. Accountants are trained, educated, and required to answer these types of questions for business
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Accounting staff meeting 5 - Aaron New ACC 111 (30953)...

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