Draft of definition essay - Wealth

Draft of definition essay - Wealth - Name: Aaron New Class:...

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Name: Aaron New Class: English 101 – Draft of definition essay Date: November 2 nd 2009 Instructor: Prof. Valerie Bandura Finn (32073) Wealth Today, to many people in the world, wealth is a representation of the measure of monetary assets and the degree of financially independence. For many Americans today, wealth represents living at a high level in terms of standard of life and quality of living. This would include retirement schemes such as social security, insurance and having a sufficient amount of funds in their banks. Getting richer is the equation of getting wealthier. Does richness equate to wealth? After learning and experiencing so much from people around me, i believe wealth incorporates more than solely paper money, it also encompasses a journey of learning, a healthy mental and physical health and being emotionally rich. To many, how wealthy a person is measured by how rich that person is. How much money and how much the person is worth. To me, this measurement of wealth is superficial, it only barely focus on the surface of the term. A rich person might not necessarily be wealthy, he might be poor emotionally. You can be very rich but you maybe someone without
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Draft of definition essay - Wealth - Name: Aaron New Class:...

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