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ENG_101__1 - consider it from another stand point a loaf of...

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Name: Aaron New Class: English 101 – Response Assignment 1 Date: Oct-21 st 09 I understood the message the chapter wanted to deliver. The chapter is saying that, everything has at least 2 sides. Different person can have a totally different perspective in looking at the same issue. It relates to what i had learnt in macroeconomics recently. People make rationale choices whenever they choose to do something. Rationale decisions are decisions that are made so that it can benefit that person in the best ways. It can benefit the user in many ways, such as, socially, emotionally, ethically, politically and many other intertwine and complex relationship. Since benefits are subjective to one perspective, it differs from one person to another. Therefore, an argument a person makes can be wrong in some people’s perspective and right in some others. Both sides are not wrong. This chapter evolved my understanding of perspective. For example, to a rich and wealthy man, a loaf of bread might be worth nothing in his entire life, but, if we were to
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Unformatted text preview: consider it from another stand point, a loaf of bread can mean a luxurious meal for a family in South Africa. Therefore, it is important for us, writers, to set up the perimeter whenever we write in order to transmit the idea to the reader as precisely as we want. I particularly like the part whereby the author wrote in the last paragraph where he said ”it’s is important to keep a mind open to criticism and suggestions.” If someone were to close up their mind, improvements cannot be made and life will stagnate at that point forever. After all, what made us who and where we are today can be constituted to the open mindedness of our fore fathers’. Through criticism and suggestions, we become better and improve. Light bulb was not invented in a day. Cell phone did not magically come with the 3 rd generation technology. “As our island of knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance.” John A. Wheeler...
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