ENG_101__5 - example is the claims that DDT is one of the...

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Aaron New English 101 – Response 5 Instructor: Prof. Valerie Bandura Finn (32073) Nov-30-09 I personally find causal essay to be very interesting. It is a development of a claim that comes from either a claim or from the effect of an event. It is interesting as one can start the essay in any ways and one will still end up at the same point. This essay is almost like a cycle to me. This cycle almost relates me to think of it as a karma cycle. In the midst of reading the introduction to causal essay, I find it an essay that is pretty hard to write on. This is an essay that is made harder as we cannot do any research work. From most of the examples in the introduction, the claim and the reasoning the authors gave are supported with very specific information; the article on “Why are we so fat?” gave information such as one pound of body weight is equivalent to 3,500 calories which is something that I would not know useless I learnt it in class or through research. Also, another
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Unformatted text preview: example is the claims that DDT is one of the most cost effective and powerful tools to combat malaria. Without doing any research work on the pro and cons of DDT, it would be hard for me to judge on the benefits of DDT. However, I did found an article that used personal experiences to support her claim. It is an article on why she shifted from studying to become a lawyer to a writer. This article totally grabbed my attention as I could relate and feel why the writer did what she did. I love the way the writer develop her claim with the personal experiences she undergo when she was in school. How her character determine her future and how much she weigh justice in her life. It made me think of evaluative essay as both the essays weigh on the importance of either the criteria or the cause. It is also something that changes and develops as one gets older and more mature....
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ENG_101__5 - example is the claims that DDT is one of the...

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