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ENG_101__6 - Aaron New Prof Valerie Bandura Finn(32073...

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Aaron New Prof. Valerie Bandura Finn (32073) English 101 – Response 6 Dec 2 nd , 2009 The first piece of essay uses a lot of citations and I feel that the writer is smooth in the transition from one of her arguments to her next. She wrote mainly on the genetic makeup of a person and how exterior influences such as alcohol and family background constitutes to the buildup of a serial killer. I felt that she covered most of the more debatable areas in her arguments. I also acknowledge that the individual claim the writer wrote about is definitely debatable and there is room for a lot of counter arguments to be made. The writer made a point in making every one of her causes to be linked with an effect. For example, the writer talks about this person Dahmer who is a heavy user of alcohol and if he was being treated for alcoholism, all the terrible things that he would later do might be salvaged. The cause of ignoring Dahmer’s conditions resulted in the serial murder act by him.
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