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Aaron New English 101 – Causal Essay Instructor: Prof. Valerie Bandura Finn (32073) Dec-11-09 Fast Food Commercials on Television Affects Eating Habits The big juicy burger, the cold bubbling drink, the golden brown fries… all of this usually comes with a hot movie star taking a bite off a burger. Anyone who has seen a television program is no stranger to such commercials. The amount of commercials for fast food in particular has a larger percentage over any other commercials. During any television programs, fast food commercials are repeated so frequently and this makes me curious why companies do that. I personally think that by repeating the commercials, it has an effect and influence over viewers’ behaviors. Many people do not usually notice such an effect and are influenced by such commercials unknowingly. For me, this is an explanation why people crave fast food. This sort of television influence over us has really bad consequences such as developing bad eating habits. First, this sort of television influence causes the audience to be manipulated. For example, the image of the burger with big, leafy vegetables and big slices of red tomatoes will make the viewer think that the burgers are healthier, but in fact, they are still very unhealthy. Also, the camera’s effect on the burger makes it look like a good deal by zooming in on the
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