Media influences on culture

Media influences on culture - Aaron New English 101 Draft...

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Aaron New English 101 – Draft on causal essay Instructor: Prof. Valerie Bandura Finn (32073) Dec – 9 th 2009 Media influences on cultures Media plays a significant role in our society today. It is all around us, from the shows we watch on television, the music we listen to on the radio, to the books and magazines we read each day. Television more so that any of the other medias achieves a myriad of different goals. These goals range from entertaining to educating. Various confines of education and entertainment are depicted in television. For the most part the television is found to be very entertaining. People watch television shows they enjoy and find entertaining. This gives the media a great deal of power and degree of influences it has over our culture today. The viewing of television can entertain the young and old alike for great amounts of time. Along with entertaining, the media is used to inform society. However, this influences the media has over the people unknowing creates a culture whereby people get bonded into it. Due to the current technology available widely in the world today, media can be accessed everywhere. This makes it harder for anyone not to get involved and to be totally obsolete from any form of media. Television is form of media that is being used to inform, entertain and campaign and most significantly, it is used for advertising. In fact, television is so centered on advertising and these advertisers play such large sums money to advertise that advertising has taken over. Every five to fifteen minutes a commercial is played on television. The intent of these commercials is to create a feeling of need by the viewer to purchase, consume the product being advertised. In fact, advertising has become so prevalent and so extreme that the average citizen of our society has taken on a significant role as a consumer. The clothes we wear are often a byproduct source of television advertisement. Companies advertise their product or clothing to make their logos so blatant and conspicuous that everyone who sees you knows who made your clothing or your
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Media influences on culture - Aaron New English 101 Draft...

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