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ACCOUNTING 240 USES OF ACCOUNTING INFORMATION II SYLLABUS AND FACT SHEET Fall 2010 INSTRUCTOR: Sidney E. Ford, CPA OFFICE: E133 Phone 480-221-6250 E-mail sidney.ford@yahoo.com OFFICE HOURS: by appointment REQUIRED MATERIALS: TEXT: Accounting: “Concepts and Applications” 11 th Edition CLASS MEETING TIMES: FTF Tuesdays 9:50-11:05 Rm L104 Online Daily CREDIT HOURS: 3 TRANSFERABILITY: Accounting 111, 230, & 240 transfers to all three of Arizona’s 4-yr. institutions (ASU, UofA, & NAU) It is also recommended that you take the sequence of classes at the same college. Make sure you consult with your advisor regarding how this class fits in your degree program. DESCRIPTION Accounting has often been called “the language of business.” OF COURSE Acc 230 & 240 should help you begin to understand and communicate in this language. This course should also help you gain an appreciation for the uses of accounting information and the limitations inherent in accounting information. Finally, the course should help you learn about the nature and responsibilities of careers in the accounting profession, including ethical responsibilities. This course emphasizes the analysis and interpretation of accounting information rather than its preparation. We will not concentrate on detailed debit and credit bookkeeping issues, but instead will review how transactions impact financial statements. This course will not make accountants out of you. USES OF ACCOUNTING INFORMATION II presents basic managerial accounting concepts that are important to management decisions in the modern business environment. The purpose of the class is to help you learn how to use accounting information , not to make accountants out of you. Therefore, the emphasis is on analyzing and interpreting information rather than on information preparation. In modern organizations, accountants work with managers from other areas, particularly marketing and operations. Accountants are part of a team, and the members of that team use accounting information to resolve questions about costing, pricing, production, and budgeting. We will examine the types of internal decisions that rely on accounting information. My primary emphasis will be relating the material to your everyday lives. 1
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240syllabusfall2010b - CGCC ACCOUNTING 240 USES OF...

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