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Aaron New_extra_credit - high” concept This seems like a...

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Aaron New ACC 240 – 33858 Extra Credit Assignment – talk by guest speaker December 6, 2010 Extra Credit Assignment The talk that was given by the guest speaker, Mr. Kent was really beneficial. It provided me with me with new insight towards my career goal and helped me understand the life of a financial planner as well as a stock broker better. Both of the careers interest me deeply and I picked up a couple of things from Mr. Kent’s talk. I learnt about the 60-40 concept where one should invest 60% of their investment in stocks while 40% in bonds. This is really a good guideline for me who inspires to be a financial planner and stock broker in future. Also, Mr. Kent reinforced me on the idea on “Buy low, sell
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Unformatted text preview: high” concept. This seems like a very sensible thing and a principle that all would be able to comprehend. However, I believe that not everyone would be able to hold on to this concept in times of panic and uncertainty. This definitely makes sense but I believe it takes a lot of practice before someone could even become capable of doing it. I really appreciate that you plan this event and I would definitely like to attend more of such an event. If it’s possible, I would like to attend another of such event and have more time to ask questions and get to learn more from people like Mr. Kent....
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