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181 LDS General Conference

181 LDS General Conference - Name Aaron New REL C 100 181st...

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Name: Aaron New REL C 100 – 181 st LDS General Conference Brother Newell April 5 th , 2011 181 st LDS General Conference I felt really blessed that I was able to either watch or attend all the sessions of the 181 st General Conference. This is truly a unique experience. Out of the five sessions, my favorite session is the priesthood session. I have pages of notes written for each different section. I am really grateful that I was able to watch it with my friends and able to attend the Sunday morning’s session. The ushers were only allowing 600 people in for that section and my friends and I were blessed to have our numbers before that. (I saw you directing the choir before the session. I wonder how you felt at that moment. Anyways, I felt really proud that my instructor was actually involved in the General Conference in such a major way.) The testimonials shared were especially strong on these two days as I listened to either the prophet or the apostles spoke. Although I am not a member of the Church, I could feel the sincerity
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  • Winter '11
  • BrotherNewell
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, General conference, LDS General Conference, priesthood session

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