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Aaron New Brother Newell – Summary of the visit to an LDS sacrament meeting March 15, 2011 BYU 94 th Ward (January 16 th , 2011) Out of all the sacrament meetings I attended, I love the one held on January 16, 2011, the most. I not only learnt a lot that day, I also got to enjoy the beautiful music melodious to my ears. The main topic of the day was on missionary work. From what I learnt in class, missionary work is a very important process that all or most of the Saint reaffirms their faith as they share the gospel to the world. Personally, whenever I talked to my friends, there is a very clear distinction in characteristic of those who have served in a mission and those who have not. Alongside with that, as most people in my ward are freshmen, more focus was put into asking people to serve their mission. As I see both my roommates completing their application forms to
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Unformatted text preview: serve their mission, I could see the anxiety, excitement, and growth in them. I really admire the focus the church have on missionary work as it builds men out of boys and ladies out of girls. One of the most memorable thing is the special musical sang by Rees Atkins & Kirsten Hinck. Their duet was perfectly complemented by the piano played by Katie Pike. Sunday school taught by Tara Spencer who preached on the history of Jesus Christ. The day ended with my roommate, Brad, preaching about the importance of fasting on Sabbath day on our priesthood meeting. The whole afternoon was amazing. I enjoyed the music and appreciate the speakers as well as the teachings of the day. The experiences I get from attending a LDS Meeting is very much different from what I have experienced when I attended a Christian church back in Arizona....
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