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New Aaron New Prof. Newell LDS Church History Paper Assignment January 15, 2011 Mormon Battalion The men, who came to be called the Mormon Battalion, were to march across the southern part of the nation to California and would receive pay, clothing, and rations. Brigham Young encouraged men to participate as a way to raise money to gather the poor from Nauvoo and to aid individual soldiers’ families. Cooperating with the government in this endeavor would also show loyalty of Church members to their country and give them justifiable reason to camp temporarily on public and Indian lands. (Heritage, p. 72) According to Our Heritage, the Mormon Battalion was formed primarily to aid in the Mexican War and the battalion was formed by 541 men, accompanied by 33 women and 42 children. (Our Heritage, p.72) In addition, the battalion travelled 2,030 miles from Iowa to California, suffering under harsh conditions of insufficient food, water, rest, and medical attention. (Our Heritage, p. 73) These great sacrifices and contributions from these Saints is one of the main contributors that helped the Church grow to what it is today. In this paper, I will cover eight major historic events that occurred during the Mormon Battalion occupation: (1)The formation of the Mormon Battalion, (2)The March from Fort Leavenworth to Santa Fe, (3)The March from Santa Fe to the Mouth of Gila, (4)The March from Colorado to Pacific Ocean, (5)Battalion in California, (6)Discovery of Gold, (7)Achievements of the Battalion, and (8)Mormon Battalion Monument. The formation of the Mormon Battalion : “Col. Kearney was also authorized to receive into service as volunteers a few hundred of the Mormons on their way to California, with a view to conciliate them, attach them to our country, and prevent them from taking part against us.” (Golder, p. 32) The influence the Mormons had was feared by many at that time, including the President. The Mormons had been growing so rapidly at that time that the President felt the need
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New of reaffirming their loyalty towards the United States. “It shows that at that time the Mormons were powerful enough to oblige the President to take them into consideration….” (Golder, p. 32) According to Golder, Brigham Young saw this as an opportunity that would help raise funds to help fill the empty treasury, giving the Mormons a reason to stay on the Indian lands, and remove the burden of having to feed at least 500 men. (Golder, p. 34) With these, the Mormon Battalion was formed. The March from Fort Leavenworth to Santa Fe
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Mormon Battalion - New Aaron New Prof. Newell LDS Church...

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