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REL C Doctrine Paper - Name Aaron New Instructor Brother...

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Name: Aaron New Instructor: Brother Newell Course: REL C 100 – Celestial Marriage April 12, 2011 For Life or Eternity I have chosen to write on celestial marriage because out of all the doctrine principles that were taught in class, this is one of the few that struck me. To me, marriage can change the lives of people, for the better. Also, personally, marriage is the most sacred promise made between a man and a woman, one that has to be kept for life and eternity. “Marriage is perhaps the vital of all the decisions and has the most far-reaching effects….” (Gospel Principles, p. 244) In addition, I believe that this topic will help me understand the Church better. A lot of the Church’s principles are interrelated to family and I hope that through writing this paper, my understanding of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will grow. In this paper, I will attempt to cover primarily four main points, (1) what is a celestial marriage, (2) how is celestial marriage executed, (3) why is celestial marriage important, and (4) how to achieve a successful celestial marriage. What is a celestial marriage? “In the temple, Latter-day Saint couples kneel at one of the sacred altars in the presence of their family and friends and two special witnesses.” (Gospel Principles, p 242) Celestial marriage is the end result obtained through a marriage in a temple, under proper authority, with the witness of two special witnesses. “A temple is literally the house of the Lord, reserved for ordinances of eternal significance.” (Nelson, p.41) Marriage alone is a very special and a very holy event where the groom and bride are bind together by law, or in this case, by the proper authority of a priesthood holder. However, the main difference between a celestial marriage and a regular church marriage as observed is the sealing act. In a regular marriage, there is no sealing involved. “Obviously, the first difference is that a celestial marriage starts in the temple and is for time and all eternity. A secular marriage is only until ‘death do you part’. An earthly marriage is one that is of the world between two people. A celestial marriage literally had God as a third party.” (Denke, p. 33) In a temple marriage, the bride and groom are bonded by their covenants and sealed for eternity. In addition, not everyone is qualified for a
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temple marriage. To be blessed with the rights of an eternal marriage, one must first prove to be
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REL C Doctrine Paper - Name Aaron New Instructor Brother...

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