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REL 100 -- Winter 2011, Professor L. Newell The Final Exam will be administered in the WILKINSON CENTER, April 16, 18-19. Religion 100 Study Guide for Final Exam The exam will come from class discussions and presentations as well as from the readings. This guide is not complete —there will, of course, be other things included on the exam—but this guide is designed to give you some specific and general directions in your studying. You should have done the readings and been in class to get maximum preparation for the exam. Remember to reflect what you’ve learned and read in course readings, class discussions, and PowerPoint slides for your exam. Be familiar with the Plan of Salvation; its purpose, the events in the preexistence, agency, sin, the fall of Adam and Eve, the role of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, where spirits go after this earthly life, the kingdoms of eternal glory, Know the spiritual origin of man, know who was the first spiritually begotten of Heavenly Father.
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