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Reflective Essay Brainstorming - 2

Reflective Essay Brainstorming - 2 - Potter Goodale Dickey...

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Potter, Goodale, Dickey Hing Potter Dan Goodale Michael Dickey Reba Bailey English 102 Unit 3 Reflective Essay Reflective Letter English 102 has its ups and downs. Unless you are one who writes for pleasure, much of the work for this class will be new and perhaps intimidating. Deciding on a research topic, the actual research, taking a stance and writing about it—all may be unfamiliar to many students entering English 102. Overall, English 102 is a demanding class. However, if you apply yourself and follow the curriculum, you should not have trouble keeping up with assignments and meeting due dates. The following are some examples of how to survive English 102 and an overall perspective of what the class was like for us. Disclaimer: experiences may vary for each individual. First off, as in any class ranging from science to physical education, you should always apply yourself directly to your work. English 102 is no different. The more you can apply yourself to the assignments, not only will you have a better chance of passing the class, but your comprehension of the materials becomes enhanced and your application of understanding becomes more universal in your overall research essay project. It’s important to not consider this English class as another road block on your way towards graduation. English 102 is designed to stretch your critical thinking, innovative creativity and engage your resourcefulness. This class is aimed to enhance your understanding of research and composition to a level required for daily application
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Potter, Goodale, Dickey Additionally, the basic ground rules apply. Do your homework, participate in discussions, meet deadlines and ask questions. It’s important to understand that the only ‘stupid question’ is the unanswered question. When it ultimately becomes time to consider topics for your research essay, make sure you it’s something of personal interest. Don’t write about something that disinterests you or has no personal appeal. Find something that allows your explore and expand your understanding. The topic should be of one that engages your emotions and translates it into a passion for the final project. Besides, nobody wants to read an essay based off of mute emotion. One tip to make things easier is to start early and not to procrastinate. Like anything that piles up, work can become overwhelming as the amount increases. Getting things done early allows time for revision and editing. As much as one may be satisfied with their writing, they will constantly question how it could have been improved. The Writing Center is a very helpful resource for this. The people in the writing center are experienced and enthusiastic, which cannot always be said for your classmates. There are in the class peer reviews, but the peers are often as new to writing as you are. The Writing Center can give you valuable feedback and ideas to clarify your essay. The Power assignments are very helpful. They guide you through the entire research
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Reflective Essay Brainstorming - 2 - Potter Goodale Dickey...

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