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Annotated Bibliographies Made Simple An annotated bibliography is basically a “fancy” Works Cited page. It contains a list of the sources that you used in your paper, cited (in this case) in MLA format, with the addition of a few sentences about what the source is about and how you used it in your research. What all do I have to include? 1. Use standard MLA format for each citation (found on the Purdue OWL website or the most current) MLA reference manual (can be found in the Albertsons Library). 2. Add a brief abstract for each entry , including: 1 to 2 sentences to summarize the main idea(s) of the item 2 or 3 sentences to relate the article to your research topic, your personal experience, or your future goals (if part of your assignment) or to add a critical description. Basic MLA Style Format for an Annotated Bibliography Format your citations in the same manner as for a normal reference list, then follow these instructions for adding an annotation. 1.
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Annotated.Bibliography - Annotated Bibliographies Made...

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