Unit Two Reflective Prompts

Unit Two Reflective Prompts - Reflective Essay Writing...

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Reflective Essay Writing Prompts 1. How is your research and writing process for this unit similar to and/or different from your research and writing processes for previous research papers? The writing process for this research paper varies on different levels, yet there are still some similarities that I am reminded of from this project and other essays. Some differences include analyzing different readings that really force you to critically think about the different ways you can write your paper. In class and on Blackboard, we had several reading assignments where each one was about the different aspects of paper writing. One reading was about introductions, one covered the area of investigating your topic and so that you’re getting the most out of your research. Some other readings were examples from students which gave us insight into how a final paper might look like. Some were more factual and academic-like. Another was more of a personal story about the experiences. A few of the similarities was more revolved around the overlying process of the research writing. First we had to pick a topic of study, and then focusing on the different steps, including finding your research, reading it and extracting the necessary information. Then, in the end, working to apply that information to your own experiences and or
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Unit Two Reflective Prompts - Reflective Essay Writing...

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