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Hing Potter Reba Bailey English 102 Spring 2011 Annotated Bibliography Section I. How the States Got Their Shapes Adams, Cecil. How Did the States Establish Long Straight Borders Before GPS? The Straight Dope, 13 th Nov. 2009. Web. 1 Feb. 2011 < straight-borders-before-gps>. This source gave some good insight into how borders were originally created by land surveyors, long before global positioning satellites (GPS) were introduced. The article gave basic step by step instructions on how a surveyor might go about accomplishing their goals of establishing natural landmarks to create each state. The sources come from several books and other credible resources, where then it is translated into more laymen’s terms for a quicker understanding. Cecil Adams also recounts several instances where obstacles created challenges and how surveyors overcame them. For me, the focus of the article was following the basic directions outlined in the text. I can easily see myself using this source as support for an introduction into border creations and how surveys went about laying out the foundations of our nation. Most likely, followed after my introductory paragraph, I might use about two following paragraphs to explain in relative detail the steps needed to gauge these imaginary lines. I will include how surveys used primitive methods compared to today’s state of the art tools. However, as advanced as we have become in the present day, the main principles still are used to measure and dictate how the process is performed.
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Kidd, Michael W., Turner, Fredrick Jackson. The Frontier in American History. University of Virginia (Department of English). 30 Sept. 1997. Web. 2 Feb. 2011. Turner presents his case that the evolution of the distinctive American characteristics derives from the frontier expansion of the 1800s. Turner doesn’t necessarily dedicate his thesis to border creation, but he does apply it as a side effect of human behavioral traits that succumbed to the growing distance from the east coast and European traits. Turner argues that with time, human instinct for self-preservation and land opportunities present, states began to form from more liberal, aggressive and innovative features that guided politics to state creations. To me this was a very interesting resource to use as it looked at the evolution of the United States from a more scientific approach and less of a political approach. Before I had read this, I remember writing about Manifest Destiny in a previous English class and this reminded me of how similar each subject is, if not one and the same from time to time. But, there are two significant differences between Turner’s explanation of expansion and Manifest Destiny, where Turner explains it to be human’s natural instincts to expand and Manifest Destiny derives from a more the platform as a human right, specifically for Anglo-Saxons. The second difference is that Manifest Destiny was also
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Annotated Bibliography Essay - Hing Potter Reba Bailey...

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