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Journal Entries - Hing Potter Reba Bailey English 102 25...

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Hing Potter Reba Bailey English 102 25 January 2011 JOURNAL PROJECT Jan. 25 th , 2011 Today was my first day of beginning to do research for my English 102 assignment for the Spring Semester. I have been tasked with doing heavy research, using the “inquiry process” as my base for acquiring the information I need to complete my task. Throughout the semester, I suspect I will be doing much writing and investigating to come up with a complete and comprehensible assignment. I didn’t really read anything today. Mostly, I just browsed throughout the Internet and possible resources. I did skim over what different websites had to say about the forming of states, and I also spent some time in the Albertson’s Library learning some about the system of logistics they use. In a few days, we are going there as a class to learn more about it, which will me gain more confidence in being able to use the Library as a resource. Jan. 26 th , 2011 Today in class we read and annotated an articled called “What is Academic Writing?” This article was mostly about utilizing the proper mechanics and writing techniques to successfully go about research writing. The main idea behind this exercise was to get a grasp of taking notes while we read an article and trying to understand it beyond what is just written down. By annotating a resource, we take an extra minute to really think about what was being said, write down thoughts that we might want to use or get back to later or just highlight an
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interesting fact. I liked this exercise because it forced me to be more critical of an article and to really take what it was giving me as something more…in a sense, I was learning not just judge a book by its cover, but by turning the pages.
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