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Potter Hing Potter Reba Bailey English 102 – Research Writing 5 February 2011 Unit One: Inquiry Proposal After working to narrow down my research topic, I concluded that I would investigate how each US state got their shapes. I was watching the History Channel back in December and saw a special called “How the States Got Their Shapes.” The show went on to elaborate the stories that would ultimately lead to the development of the Union altogether. At last, my overarching question is an altered version of the show’s feature title, “how did the states get their shapes?” Going more in depth, why are some states all relatively equal in size and square; why do some states have “boot heels;” how come other states have abstract jagged edges? I chose this topic and these questions because, let’s face it, at one point or another we have all wondered by Texas is so big, how come Idaho has a pan handle, or why the Louisiana Territory shrunk to become just Louisiana? For my personal self, I’m driven by history and the information that overwhelms my mind as I think “WOW!!!” As I sat watching the History Channel program, I thought to myself, what do I already know about how states got their shapes? I quickly processed as much as I could remember from grade school what I knew just before the start of the show. Turns, I didn’t really know much. I know the typical facts about territories, such as the Louisiana Territory used to go all the way up present day Minnesota. I knew that Texas used to be its own nation and was bigger than it is today and that California used to be a part of Mexico. I also knew that the Mason Dixie Line was instrumental during the US Civil War, separating the North from the South, but was it really
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Inquiry Proposal Essay - Potter Hing Potter Reba Bailey...

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