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Potter 1 Hing Potter Reba Bailey English 102 2/18/2011 Essay Analysis The Creation of Washington: Securing Democracy North of the Columbia The article I am choosing to use for this assignment is called The Creation of Washington: Securing Democracy North of the Columbia , written by Dennis P. Weber in the Columbia Magazine issued in the Fall of 2003: Volume 17, No. 13. Dennis Weber is a member of the Longview City Council and a former mayor from there as well. He has taught governance and history for 27 years at R.A. Long High School in Longview, Washington and holds a B.A in Political Science from the University of Washington. Given the limited information I have on Weber, I would say it is safe to assume that his qualifications for writing on the subject of Washington’s history are legitimized, as he also gives references to specific dates and events and prominent people. The justification for writing this article is plain and simple, in that he is addressing the questions behind why and how Washington State gained admission into the union of the United States. He brings up several key issues with settlers of the Washington Territory and how it affected their daily life as “citizens of northern Oregon.” Weber merely wishes to inform the reader with factual information derived from social, political and economic events of the time. I believe Weber to be very clear and precise with his presentation of facts and events as they unfolded bringing Washington closer to statehood. But he also states, that many pieces of information including diaries, letters and documents “are practically nonexistent” leaving it to historians to piece the puzzle together. Even today, Weber claims that the story still remains unfinished. However with limited information, Weber is able to present a clear timeline of the birth of a state named for one of our Founding Fathers. With issues ranging from settler immigration into the Washington Territory, specifically to the Puget Sound region, conflicts between settlers and the Hudson’s Bay Company who held valuable
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Potter 2 agriculture lands and who’s livestock was allowed to trespass pass onto neighboring fields, and in addition to two protests; one by a Federal Court judge and another by jurors, both aimed at claiming Washington legitimacy in the federal political arena. Ethos wise, the author’s credentials as a teacher of history for 20-plus years, in combination with his political science background help to legitimize his credibility in writing this article. It is clear that he was able to do thorough research to bring a profitable written piece aimed at simply educating the general public. The author might not be as notable as other historians, but he is pretty well endowed in the subject
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EssayAnalysis - Potter 1 Hing Potter Reba Bailey English...

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