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Potter 1 Hing Potter Reba Bailey English 102 23 February 2011 Unit One: Reflective Essay In choosing my research topic, I went through several steps in and out of class that helped determine my peak interest and what I might have the most fun researching and writing about. The first step was brainstorming my ideas through several processes of elimination through an exercise in class. I thought of several personally interesting topics that I thought would be rewarding on a personal level as well. One exercise was listing topics of different subjects: social, economic, political, influential and personal categories. My list included ideas such as, Washington D.C., Middle Eastern politics, US-Iran relations, the creation of futbol and how come Idaho has a panhandle. Ultimately, I branched out from the last idea, and wanted to include all 50 states, to conclude my ultimate topic and question of “How Did the States Get their Shapes?” My responsibilities towards the research and learning from it included discipline, enhancing my research techniques, and increasing my critical thinking to absorb and adopt what I learn into notes. Eventually, I will take the notes and translate that into an essay hopefully to be competent enough of not just a good grade but also of intrigue to the “historical tourist,” people who find interest in this subject matter of state evolution. Other responsibilities within discipline include not straying away from the Internet while looking for resources, secluding myself from technology when I simply need to read or just write and managing my time between my other three classes to make sure that I don’t fall behind on assignments. My responsibilities have
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This note was uploaded on 10/16/2011 for the course ENGLISH 102 taught by Professor Bailey during the Spring '11 term at Boise State.

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ReflectiveEssay Essay - Potter 1 Hing Potter Reba Bailey...

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